Volunteer Opportunities

Alumni volunteers help strengthen the school and enhance the educational experience for our students.

Become a Preceptor for the School of Medicine and Public Health

Chris Little, MD ’18 and Temisan Blagogee, M4

The Phase 1 Preceptor Program (P1PP) is a three-semester longitudinal experience that introduces outpatient clinical care to 1st- and 2nd-year medical students.

  • For alumni within the Madison metro area or 60-minute drive from Madison
  • Students will spend 4-5 half-days in clinic with their preceptor per semester focusing on clinical care, health care systems and teams, and QI initiatives
  • Goal to keep students with the same physician/clinic for the duration of the program (three semesters)
  • Complete two brief evaluations on the student at the conclusion of semesters 1 and 3

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For more information, contact Christa Pittner-Smith, MD ’12, at pittner@wisc.edu.

Ambulatory Acting Internship

The Ambulatory Acting Internship (AAI) is a four-week clerkship is designed to be an intensive outpatient sub-internship in Phase 3 (spring semester of year 3 and all of year 4) of the ForWard curriculum.

  • For alumni across Wisconsin
  • Students will spent at least 40 hours per week of clinic duties. At least half of the clinical experiences must involve the student developing and implementing clinical management plans in outpatient settings
  • Ideally, students spent half their time with one main preceptor, and half with a very small number of colleagues
  • Provide students some immediate feedback verbally during staffing interactions while seeing patients in clinic and follow that up with additional written feedback using professional activity rubrics and the mid-rotation feedback form; also assign pass-fail grade for course

For more information, contact Paul Hunter, MD ’89, at phhunter@wisc.edu.

Interview Prospective Students

The UW School of Medicine and Public Health MD Admissions Team is seeking alumni to be part of the admissions process.

In order to participate, alumni must commit to a minimum of 10 hours to interview prospective students between mid-September and mid-February. All interviews are held via Zoom, so you can participate from anywhere. Allocate one hour for each of the interviews: 15 minutes to review the applicant’s materials, 30 minutes for the interview, and 15 minutes to submit your feedback online.

Alumni selected to participate in the interview process will be provided with virtual training opportunities — both live and asynchronous — over the summer. The Admissions Team will also provide you with all of the information you need to conduct successful interviews, including questions you’ll pose to prospective students.

This is a great opportunity for alumni to give back by helping us recruit the next generation of medical students who will follow in your footsteps.

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Student-Alumni Partnerships

As Student-Alumni Partnerships (SAPP) members, alumni have the opportunity to provide students with shadowing experiences, career advice, and hosting (in their home) during residency interviews. Membership also fosters networking with fellow alumni.

Become a SAPP member