A loving mother and baby
Feature Story
May 27, 2021 VOL 23 NO 1

Prevention Research Center Focuses on Mother-baby Health

In fall 2019, through a highly competitive process, the CDC invited UW–Madison to join forces with this cause and provided the university with a five-year, $3.7 million grant.

A smiling James Thomson
Feature Story
May 24, 2021 VOL 23 NO 1

Stem Cell Research: Celebrating 25 Years of Amazing Discoveries

Over the past two decades, stem cell research at UW–Madison has grown from involving a handful of scientists to nearly 100 from more than 30 schools, colleges and departments.

Christian Capitini
May 24, 2021 VOL 23 NO 1

Christian Capitini Describes Immunotherapy Successes

For nearly 10 years, Capitini has maintained an active research lab at the UW Carbone Cancer Center while also providing care for children with cancer at the American Family Children’s Hospital.

Rufus Sweeney
Student Life
May 21, 2021 VOL 23 NO 1

Christopher ‘Rufus’ Sweeney Thinks Outside the Box in His Training and Career

Sweeney, known as a creative soul and prolific idea generator, says he inherited his entrepreneurial spirit from his paternal grandfather.