Almasi, Cramer, Laurence, Hansen smiling in front of a painting.
October 23, 2023 VOL 25 NO 3

Supported by Soulmates: Medical School Friends Share Lifelong Connection

When four members of the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health (SMPH) Class of 2010 — Stephen Almasi, MD ’10 (PG ’13); Joseph Hansen, MD ’10; Vincent Laurence, MD ’10; and Rebecca Cramer, MD ’10, MPH — began their medical school journeys, they had amassed years of unique life experiences. An unassuming brick house on Kendall Avenue brought them together as lifelong friends.

Maureen Durkin
October 23, 2023 VOL 25 NO 3

Traveling Full Circle: Far-flung Locales Spurred Durkin's Evolving Career

On paper, Maureen Durkin, PhD, DrPH, might appear to have the perfect credentials to be perceived as a stereotypical “ivory-tower” academic. Notwithstanding her two doctorates — one in anthropology from University of Wisconsin–Madison and the other in epidemiology from Columbia University — her life’s work has proved to be anything but esoteric.

Angela Byars-Winston
July 13, 2023 VOL 25 NO 2

The Science of Mentorship: Angela Byars-Winston

When Angela Byars-Winston, PhD, addressed a group of medical students and their mentors recently, she encouraged them to “grow where you are planted. We have to create the space we want to flourish in, that we want to thrive in.”

Chapman in discussion with other researchers
April 18, 2023 VOL 25 NO 1

Ed Chapman’s Tenacious Approach to the “Most Important” Problems in Biology

Ed Chapman concentrates on research questions that are big, bad, and basic. Many of them concern the release of neurotransmitters at the synapse — the tiny gap between two neurons.

Athena Poppas
April 12, 2023 VOL 25 NO 1

Athena Poppas Blazes Trails for Women in Cardiology

After she earned her medical degree from the University of Wisconsin School of Medicine and Public Health in 1989, it would have been easy for Athena Poppas, MD ’89 (PG ’92), to have chosen a specialty that was more typical for women.

A smiling middle-aged couple at a Badger game
January 12, 2023 VOL 24 NO 4

Rolf Lulloff’s Lifelong Passions Fuel Today’s Ventures

After losing his wife to Parkinson's, Lulloff co-founded an organization that provides education and support for people and families affected by neurological conditions.

Kyla Lee and medical students
November 17, 2022 VOL 24 NO 3

Kyla Lee’s Reflective Style Guides Her Actions

Lee aims to strengthen the school by building relationships between students and alumni.

Benjamin Weston
April 20, 2022 VOL 24 NO 1

Benjamin Weston Translates Training Into Leadership in Medicine and Public Health

The drive that led him to establish Health Classrooms Foundation has led to a wide range of professional responsibilities that bridge clinical care and public health.

Nasia Safdar and Elizabeth “Betsy” Nugent
January 7, 2022 VOL 23 NO 4

Clinical Trials Leaders Join Forces to Enhance Patient Care Offerings

Elizabeth “Betsy” Nugent and Nasia Safdar, leaders in the academic medical center’s clinical trials enterprise, recently announced creation of the Wisconsin Medicine Institute for Clinical Trials.

Karen Peterson
October 28, 2021 VOL 23 NO 3

Karen Peterson Retires From Wisconsin Medical Alumni Association After Two Decades of Leadership

Peterson proudly counts the number of Homecoming Weekends she has celebrated while leading the Wisconsin Medical Alumni Association — 21 as of October 2021.

Sarah Rothschild
October 28, 2021 VOL 23 NO 3

Sarah Rothschild Becomes New Wisconsin Medical Alumni Association Executive Director

Since 2014, Rothschild has been the director of constituent relations for the University of Virginia’s Medical Alumni Association and Medical School Foundation.

Elaine Alarid
August 10, 2021 VOL 23 NO 2

Elaine Alarid Nurtures the Next Generation of Mentors

From her earliest days as a budding scientist, Alarid says she’s always had someone in her corner, which has made all the difference.