Molly Carnes
February 4, 2021 VOL 22 NO 4

Molly Carnes Breaks Through Biases

Carnes hadn’t formally studied gender issues, but early on in her career she was keenly aware how few women held leadership or research positions in academic medicine, and that led to a new course.

Signs along a bike path displaying the names of people the bikers ride on behalf of
Impactful Giving
February 4, 2021 VOL 22 NO 4

The Ride Inspires Participants and Powers Innovative Cancer Research

The Ride attracted more than 850 registrants in 2020, a remarkable accomplishment in a year when many events had to cancel completely.

A speaker giving a big presentation
Feature Story
February 4, 2021 VOL 22 NO 4

Healing Health Inequities Through Strong Partnerships

The Wisconsin Partnership Program’s commitment to addressing systemic, avoidable and unjust conditions that impact health is reflected in many grant programs and collaborations.

Paul Wertsch
February 3, 2021 VOL 22 NO 4

Paul Wertsch Exemplifies Community-minded Physician, Entrepreneur and Advocate

As a young man living in Madison in 1960s, Wertsch says he couldn’t help but be influenced by the political unrest and social activism around him.